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In 2011, Naroa Quirós and Juan Luis Medina united their passion, experience, and talent to create the interior design and architecture studio MIL Studios. Home to over 20 professionals, MIL Studios is currently a leader in interior design and architecture for hotels, public spaces, offices, and designer homes.

MIL Studios is committed to making our clients’ dreams and voice a reality, to designing beautiful, functional, and enduring spaces, and to creating a specific vocabulary for each project. Our interior spaces are the result of thoroughness and rigorous planning, with our sights set on excellence. We study each space’s language in detail and explore their iconographic identities to guarantee interior design projects that are representative and all-inclusive.

Surrounded by the best professionals, we create successful, innovative, and exciting concepts. With the goal of providing a global service, adapted to each project’s needs and our commitments to our clients, we design each one of our spaces from a multi-disciplinary perspective and with a signature method based on a 360º concept, which allows us to design flexible, functional interiors that are customized and to different scales.