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Arquitectura y diseño de una habitación de hotel para la Addictions Design y la Asociación Nacional de Diseño.

Nature Addictions is the space we designed for the national design and real-estate services association Addictions Design at the fourth Marbella Design Fair. This is a sensory area reminiscent of the warm and essential nature of architecture in Andalusian towns.


Baño de diseño, proyecto de Mil Studios.
Arquitectura e interiorismo de una habitación de hotel, proyecto de Mil Studios.

The 2021 Marbella Design Fair, one of the greatest international art and interior design exhibitions, is a claim to the beauty and joy of Andalusian architectural tradition. In line with this idea, the Nature Addictions space is a rich dramatic stage recreation of a hotel room where one can get away and enjoy the light of dawn and dusk.

The earth-toned color schemes, plants, warm and scenic lighting, raw finishes, and natural materials, conjure a feeling full of life that is subconsciously evocative of the scent of damp earth. The Elephant chair by Sergio Prieto that we included in the space received the award for the best product design at the fair, thanks to its use of shape and the elegance of the materials.


Detalle del espacio Nature Addictons, habitación de hotel diseñada por Mil Studios
Cuarto de Baño de diseño, proyecto de Mil Studios.