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Escalera principal y recibidor de diseño de Utopicus por Mil Studios.

With capacity for 580 professionals, Utopicus Príncipe de Vergara is a coworking space spanning over 3,500 square meters. This is a flexible, comfortable, and sustainable place to work, inspired by the  home-office concept. It creates community and encourages values like creativity and flexibility.

Diseño de la terraza exterior del coworkig Utopicus en Madrid por Mil Studios
Interior de Utopicus, diseñado con el concepto de home office por Mil Studios

Designed like an apartment building, the space is split into work residences, meeting and training rooms, and common areas, like offices or the cafeteria, and a large auditorium that resembles a garage. The idea is for professionals and companies to be able to leave their comfort zone and cohabit and interact in a new, open, modern, creative, and stimulating space.

Utopicus Príncipe de Vergara is located on the first three floors of The Window Building, a construction by the architects Ortiz and León, who are specialized in sustainable buildings. It also has an honesty bar, where members can have a drink or develop their cocktail-making creativity, along with showers and lockers for better balance between their professional, social, and exercise goals.


Cuarto de baño de las oficinas de Utopicus, diseñado por Mil Studios
Interior del coworking Utopicus, en Madrid, diseño de Mil Studios
Workspace de diseño de Utopicus, en Madrid
Diseño de las escaleras de la oficinas de Utopicus, en Madrid, por Mil Studios
Sala de reuniones de diseño en la oficinas de Utopicus, en Madrid, Por Mil Studios
Diseño de la cristalera interior de las oficinas Utopicus, en Madrid, por Mil Studios
Proyecto de diseño de interiores para las oficinas Utopicus, en Madrid
Diseño de una sala amplia y cómoda para Utopicus, en Madrid, por Mil Studios